Before + Afters

"This experience of my shoot was incredible. Sasha made it feel as if I had known her for years and she is incredible behind the camera.
My photos turned out STUNNING!!"
-Michala F.

"Sasha was Amazing! Not only did she make me feel amazing during the photos, but the photos themselves were more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined! I was excited but nervous for the photos so she helped me relax and by the end of the photos, it looked like I was a natural thanks to her guidance! She helped me position myself in ways that looked natural but definitely made the pictures look amazing. I can't get over these photos!"
-Lisa s.

"This experience of my shoot was incredible. Sasha made it feel as if I had known her for years and she is incredible behind the camera.
My photos turned out STUNNING!!"
-Michala F.

"Everyone deserves to feel amazing..loved and safe in their own skin. Trust my confidence is fleeting..i have a ton of insecurities..and imperfections. Sasha captures the essence of a way you may have never seen yourself before..its incredibly empowering..each and every image she not just a pretty picture..because there is so much more behind it the whole shoot day is so much fun.. Sasha is so sweet and sets your mind at ease and makes you feel so comfortable..her positive energy is so contagious..!!. A self love/ Boudoir photography session is something EVERYONE should experience at least once. Let Sasha capture what makes you uniquely you. I promise you wont regret it!"
-Aubrey t.

"I have suffered years with body shaming.  I also gained a bunch of weight in my last relationship, and no longer saw the beautiful girl I used to know. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to that beautiful girl I once was. But that all changed after this photoshoot! I wanted to love myself again, I also wanted to show the world that no matter what anyone else says....we really are beautiful!  Sasha took my idea and ran with it!  Not only did sasha do an amazing photoshoot where I am obsessed with my photographs...but she also made it such a warm and happy enviroment during the whole shoot! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time, I just felt so beautiful! We had so much fun, now all of my friends want to book sessions with her! Thank you so much sasha for making me feel beautiful and confident in the woman that I am today!"
-Tatyana A.

"To say I was nervous is an understatement. I have never taken boudoir pictures in my life! I always imagined doing it, but was too self-conscious. I am beyond happy that I choose Sasha Danielle to work with. Not only did she help my worries disappear, we had a lot of fun! We laughed and joked throughout the entire shoot. When I saw the end results, I was shocked! I honestly didn't believe it was me in the pictures. I can't wait for our next session!"
- elizabeth m.


"SASHA, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!  Everyday I think back to this shoot and it fills me with so much damn joy and positivity!! you are a walking dream come true to us all!! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you and can't wait to do it again in the future!!"
-Dani F.

"Where to begin! When a woman decides to step into an unknown and uncharted territory of herself having a cheerleader to guide her there is key. Sasha delivered on so many levels. Her photos are more than beautiful! They capture strength, bravery, and above all the essence of a being a woman! Thank you for taking my experience to a place I never knew it could go!! So much love 10 out of 10!!"
-Nikki k.